A New Year

I sat down the other day and wrote down some thoughts about 2012 - things I had experienced and learned, and realized that my life pretty much changed 180 degrees this year. I guess that didn't really become apparent to me until I saw all the changes written down on paper. Not only did I become a mom, but Eric and I spent our first full year living together (not in a hotel room!), I moved to the suburbs, we renovated a house, I started a new job. So much change! Its been a wonderful year in so many ways, but it has definitely been a year of survival - just getting through in whatever way possible. I think I can take a lot of what I have learned this year about juggling motherhood and work, and make things a lot less stressful in the new year. At least that is my hope!

My coworkers and I have been working through Susannah Conway's "Unravelling" worksheets in which you look back at 2012 and then forward at 2013 and make some goals for the new year. You also pick a word to strive for in the new year. My word for 2013 is Balance. I want to learn to balance motherhood, work, creativity, my relationships (with Eric and my friends and family) and me. I want everything to have its place and for not any one area to get short shrift. Obviously 2012 was The Year of Lila. And Lila will always be my first priority, but the other areas of my life are important too, and in order for me to be really happy in life, I have to find time for everything. I also want to work on letting go of some things (i.e. the house always being clean, etc) so that I can fit everything I want to fit in without being totally stressed out all the time. Its a tall order, but I think I can take what I've learned this year and make it happen.

As for the creative side of things, I'm really excited about a couple of e-courses I've started - two "time capsule" classes and one 52 self-portrait course. I'm excited to not only learn some more about photography and video, but also to be inspired by others doing the courses. I miss the collaborative place that Flickr used to be so I'm looking for that collaboration and inspiration in other places. I've already finished a couple of time capsules for my classes.  I will post them here soon. Finding time to create is such an important thing for me - it keeps me sane! I am making it a priority this year.

So, in a nutshell, my goals for 2013: Find balance. Be creative. Spend time with Eric and Lila. Reconnect with friends. Take care of my body. Spend more time unplugged. Slow down. Let things go. Find inspiration.

And a quick look back at 2012:
January: Best friend Michele came to visit, two trips upstate to Copake.
February: Friends from Rock of Ages meet Lila at Smith's, Tanya comes to visit (we take Lila to the Nordstrom shoe department for the first time!)
March: Lila rolls over for the first time!, Lucy 2 turns one, I start back at work at Rock of Ages as a sub.
April: Mary comes for a visit, we go up to Copake for Easter, Lila attends her first Broadway softball league game, we move Lila to her own room, Lila eats cereal for the first time! I celebrate ten years as a New Yorker.
May: Pete and Leanne's wedding, P.R.'s birthday, Regina visits New York, Lila sits up unsupported, Eric buys a big ass grill.
June: We go to California for two weeks! (Lila's first plane flight), we spend lots of time with our family and friends, Lila goes in the swimming pool for the first time, I turn 38, Lucy 1 turns 2!, Lila says "dada", Lila gets her first two teeth!
July: 4th of July party at Nana and Pops', Eric and Paul finish our patio and we have a "new patio" party, I get my Nikon d800!
August: I start full time at Rock of Ages as the assistant stage manager, Chris comes for a visit, Nana and Pops have a block party, Lila starts finger foods.
September: We have Rob and Jess over for Labor Day, Lila starts crawling and cruising!, Eric buys a big ass truck.
October: Lila starts "Rockin' Tots" classes, Hurricane Sandy, Lila is Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, another trip to Copake (Lila's first ride on a four wheeler and we go apple picking),  and Rhinebeck!
November: Snowstorm!, Granny and Grampy come for a visit, Lila's first birthday!
December: We subject Lila to photos with Santa, crazy holiday fun!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2013! xo